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ASTON HERTS Local history

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PUPPET BOOKS Colne Valley Railway and The Wilkinson Trail are now available for purchase.

This publication celebrates the 25th anniversary of the Victorian Extravaganza for schools. Des and Mavis have performed Punch and Judy at all of these events. They congratulate the Colne Valley Railway and thank the Manager Brian Smith and his staff for their loyalty, support and friendship. 

If you wish to purchase a copy, here are the details:



Walter Wilkinson became internationally famous for his glove puppet ‘Peep Show’, and the books describing his adventures performing the show around Britain and abroad in the nineteen twenties. His equally famous brother Arthur and his wife Gail formed the Gair-Wilkinson Marionettes and also travelled widely.

There are extracts from diaries of travels in England and abroad not seen before, and quite lyrical. Walter and Arthur and his rich wife Gair and their two children experienced so many unusual adventures. The children were educated by their parents and uncle Walter. They were in France when the First World War broke out and so moved on to Italy.

Returning to England, Walter and Arthur were imprisoned for being conscientious objectors. This is all before Walter picked up his pen.

Arthur's son died in WW II when his bomber crashed into the sea.

With the right director this story would make a wonderful family film. The photographs are from the family archive trunk, and some are my own of his original puppets and the caravan they used to travel around England, etc. This publication comprises 10, A4 pages of text and 6, A4 pages of 15 glossy colour photographs.

Printed as one off copies by ink jet method especially for Wilkinson fans. Price 16, including postage in UK.


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